Macinley Butson is high school student using YouTube to watch funny goat videos, study scientific principles, and make chain mail armor. Like ya do.

But really, this young scientist’s work is amazing. Combining the skills she learned from YouTube with hands on research, she has created SMART armor (Scale Mail Armor for Radiation Therapy), specifically for use on breast cancer patients. You can hear her tell all about it on YouTube.

While lead has long been used to block radiation from getting to uninfected parts of the body, it is not the most effective metal. Copper is. So Macinley chose that as the material for the armor.

But what fascinates me most is the crafting it as armor. Macinley not only focused on making the shielding more effective physically, but psychologically for the patient. What could give a woman fighting breast cancer more strength and courage than covering her with actual armor?

I’m rooting for Macinley to find hospitals willing to start testing the SMART armor on a larger scale, and help women go into this battle a little stronger and better protected.

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