Seventy years ago, if you walked into the right bar in Oxford, England, you might have heard J.R.R. Tolkien reading an epic poem, about dwarves searching for lost gold, a love beset by evil times, or a great Ring of Power that conquers men’s hearts. Maybe you’d scoff at it, and join the likes of C.S. Lewis in yelling out “nay,” if just for a laugh. 

You have joined a meeting of the Inklings, a group that included Lewis, and other writers, like Owen Barfield, J. A. W. Bennett,  and more. Tolkien stands out as a titan in the group: a writer whose created stories within stories, languages and cultures, and brought history to life through age-old symbols, creatures, and epic poetry. INKLINGS MONTH is our celebration of this historic writing group, and the legends they created that would influence a generation of readers, writers, and storytellers in every medium.

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