MASKS – Phoenix Academy

We can't stay away from this game! This is our third long campaign in MASKS, and this time we are set in Phoenix Academy, a school with a long and storied past. I won't give you the whole play by play, mostly because I lost track of taking notes a few sessions back,...

Quest for Novel Success: The Plan

So after digging through a lot of websites and books, I set up a plan, and was quickly obsessed with getting the steps done. It was almost like getting bitten by a great story idea and being able to think of anything else until you’ve written it down. So I was able to get many of these steps done in about two weeks.


So I started playing around with an online music creator called Soundtrap

Titan Academy – Part 1

Takar, aka Volt, the Nova Takar hated Wednesdays. Not that school was great on the best of days. He’d already fried someone’s cell phone this week, and lost his Biology homework. But Wednesdays were always the worst. It started with cheerleading practice....


My debut EP, DragonSong celebrates some of my favorite dragons from fiction