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Iron Throne IRL ft. Stranger Things 3

Melissa returns from the live-action mega-game “Dragon Thrones,” (played at an actual castle in Bryn Mawr, PA,) to give us her first impressions. The “LARPing” talk continues as Jon talks about his reading of Stranger Things as a millennial and role-playing newbie.

Best in Show: Warehouse 13

Authors Jon and Melissa Matos spotlight a show described as “part X-Files, part Indiana Jones, part Moonlighting.”

The Last Cruise to Cuba

When our cruise ship docked in Havana, Cuba on the morning of June 4th, we hurried up to the deck to get a glimpse of the city.

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Jon and Melissa Matos unpack their feels about fringe fiction, comparing and contrasting modern, commercial fiction with cult classics, fan favorites, or ancient allusions. The show celebrates the art of good storytelling, and the positive impact stories have on our everyday lives.