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What’s new over here?

Freedom Day – Support Small Local Businesses

In an effort to support small local businesses during this time when many have been forced to close (for our safety and theirs) I would like to encourage anyone local to Philadelphia to participate in Freedom Day.

MASKS – Phoenix Academy

We can't stay away from this game! This is our third long campaign in MASKS, and this time we are set in Phoenix Academy, a school with a long and storied past. I won't give you the whole play by play, mostly because I lost track of taking notes a few sessions back,...

Quest for Novel Success: The Plan

So after digging through a lot of websites and books, I set up a plan, and was quickly obsessed with getting the steps done. It was almost like getting bitten by a great story idea and being able to think of anything else until you’ve written it down. So I was able to get many of these steps done in about two weeks.

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