As our heroes head into school, they realize that security seems much more intense. Not that any of security people are bothering the kids. They mostly seem to be screening or interviewing the faculty.

Oblivion checks in with Firefly, one of those who is screening the adults. She lets them know they are indeed telepathically checking to see if any other faculty members are hiding their true identities. Though Oblivion and the others managed to erase any video footage of their own involvement, they left the evidence of the teacher breaking up the classroom.

Before the crew has much time to think over the safety of their school, Oblivion receives an urgent emergency text message from the Lost Boys. They are in serious trouble. The gang takes off to help them.

They find the Lost Boys cornered in a parking lot by a great many agents in the not quite AEGIS uniforms. The group our heroes now know as Chimera are herding them from a group of black vans toward an open tractor trailer. The heroes pause to take stock of the situation, and make a plan.

Oblivion charged into the lot, picked up the large, open truck and hurled it at the agents. Most of them went scattering for cover among their vans. They also called for backup. Super powered back up. The team caught a sign of three signals approaching them quickly, and saw three figures in the air, two flying, and one being carried. As the team prepared for the incoming, some new players showed up.

There was a few streaks of color, and someone began pulling the Lost Boys out of the lot and away from the Chimera agents. But our heroes were too busy to think about it. As the supers approached, the one being carried dropped onto a nearby roof and began leaping toward the back of the lot, and the other two jumped straight into the battle.

Volt had chased the Chimera agents to their vans, and sent bolts of lighting through them, exploding the vans and the nearby electrical transformers, just before a Chimera robot plowed into him. Hiro, in his mech suit, jumps to Volt’s defense, trying to fight back against it, and gets slammed against the wall beside Volt. Volt reached up and grabbed hold of Hiro’s leg, and allowed his power to flow into him, making Hiro feel for the first time as though he had super powers as well. Now fully ‘juiced’ Hiro made short work of the robot, sending parts flying across the lot.

Meanwhile, Aether and Oblivion were dealing with the cat like man that pounced down on them and the Lost Boys from the roof. Though it tried to knock down Oblivion, Aether managed to slip it out of the way on currents of aether, allowing Obivion to throw it into a pile of bricks and trash. They began herding the kids along again, but noticed the speedster, who was helping them into strange portals that began appearing in random places.

Back in the parking lot, the third super, a sickly, green looking man, had hold of two of the Lost Boys, who looked like they too were growing ill and getting faint. After having taken down the robot, this was no big problem for Hiro. The speedster helped get the kids away, and Hiro drove the blight into the ground. As he stood there appreciate his work, a girl landed beside him, staring at his mech suit, before gushing out a load of questions about how it works and how he dealt with issues of balance and [insert physics language here].

Before Hiro could respond, she got a message in her ear comm, and lets the team know that this parking lot is about to be ground zero, since all the Lost Boys have been gotten to safety, so they have thirty seconds to get out. Then she jumped straight into the air about thirty feet and disappeared into another strange portal – just as she sent a message to Hiro’s display that simply said HOPPER, and gave a number for a site on the deep web where they could get in touch. Hiro had never heard of Hopper as a super, but had heard of her as a hacker.

Just as they all get away from the lot, a vortex opens in the sky, someone descends out of the vortex, and then it seems as if the world folds in on itself. Suddenly, rather than a parking lot, there is a space of empty dirt, and a large cement block in the center.

They find out shortly that the Chimera agents are fine, just trapped inside a large cement box. AEGIS comes and gets them out using a jackhammer. The team lets Omega know about the existence of Chimera. She’s never heard of anything like it, but she promises she will look into things.

By this time the team had also begun to translate the coded journal they had found in the depths of their bunker base. These are the first two entries:

8 July 55

I can’t believe I’ve made it! Such an honor to be accepted into AEGIS, and the advanced research division at that! The accommodations are a bit . . . underwhelming. But I can understand the need for security. Besides, sharing a bunker with a bunch of Yankee lookers. There’s a few among the Joes who are more than smashing, and there are other supers here! I’m not sure what to make of Q yet, but CB is a perfect gentleman. This is going to be so much fun.

12 July 55

Well Q’s a right wazzock. I’m glad I began with writing this journal in code. He had the gall to walk through the wall into my room. Of course I threw him right back out through the same wall. I will never forget the look on his face! Serves him right. I hope they have him sleeping in the bunks while they repair the wall. CB, on the other hand, escorted me to the cafeteria, and we were able to collaborate on our plans for some projects.

Join us next week to see what happens to our heroes next!