I didn’t think of all characters that Londo (the Centauri Embassador) would be the one seduced by the promise of power enough to start a war. He is such a jolly, simple vices sort of guy. I’m now convinced that the guy who was offering each of the ambassadors exactly what they want, is basically the devil. At least he seems uncomfortable with his new position and is having moral qualms.

I never would have thought of Ambassador Delenn, the mysterious Minbari woman (who by the way I think is one of the best acted characters on this show) would sacrifice her position and go into a chrysilis and become human. Let alone that we would get a episode of her trying to figure out human hair and cramps. But she and Lenier are great, and I love their relationship growing through all of this.

I really never thought that the new captain had an ulterior motive and was gearing up for the coming war. I didn’t want to like the new captain when they switched them for the second season. I really like Sinclair. But Sheridan came aboard, with his love for real oranges and his speech, and endeared himself to the crew and to me. And then to find out he’s a conspirator . . . I’m hoping it’s all for the good.

I suppose however, I should have expected something like this to start up. The main premise of the show is the Babylon 5 was designed to create peace between the aliens, so of course the main conflict should involve a big war. Something larger and darker seems to be coming as well, as certain characters are aware, so I imagine it will be halted or inturrupted by the Darkness. Either way, I am now officially hooked.