TitanPunk (formerly Ancient World) Session 1

An actual play post of Dungeon World in an Ancient Greek setting.

The gods are dead. In the wake of their passing, those of divine descent are hunted down. Eventually they band together on the island of Atlantis and enjoy a brief golden age before the last Titan, the mighty Kraken, brings the island to its watery grave. During the dark times that follow, man learns to create massive clockwork devices powered by Titanite, the crystalized blood of the gods. Then, after centuries, Atlantis is rediscovered, a treasure trove of Titanite and relics of power. Many seek their fortune on its long forgotten shores.

Our first session began in medias res, while our ship was being attacked by a giant octopus. Most of us dove into the water to fight it off (or flee the sinking boat) but together we managed to scare the creature away and save our ship. Xander, the hero who fought her way out of Hades, fearlessly stabbed at the beast, as did my brother Taemon and Manestes, another veteran of the war. Virgil and I cast spells to scare it off, and light the depths where we fought. 

We had journeyed forth, hired by the rich and eccentric Creossus, to gather Titanite from Atlantis. Each of us, of course, has our own reasons for going. I intend to find a magical instrument, something that will help gain me political power so that my brother and I can take back our home from the invaders that imprisoned our brother. Taemon intends to fight back in more physical ways, and became a bounty hunter to help pay our older brother’s blood price. The others have not yet revealed their true goal in going to Atlantis, but I am sure there is more to them than meets the eye.

When we had first set out on our journey, we had come across a ship wreck. Manestes knew that this ship was carrying a shipment of wine, and being the loyal followers of Dionysus that we are, we felt compelled to rescue the wine. We found the remnants of the crew, looking as though they had been crushed to death. Luckily we saved the wine and had a fine celebration with our crew that night. There were some fascinating conversations, and I was able to get to know Xander a little better. I have sung about her for so long, it is so amazing to actually meet her. She left her arm behind in the underworld, and now has a shadow arm that can transform her weapons into something . . . terrifying. She touched my face with it, and it was chilling.

When we arrived at Atlantis, well all right, not Atlantis proper, one of the small islands at the foot of it, my brother tried to give me a long lecture about staying on the ship so as to not get into trouble. The usual big brother nonsense. But they wanted to canvass the island first to see what we were facing, and I can become invisible. So Teamon agreed to take me along with him to look things over. We discovered that there were some harpies guarding the island, and a strange mechanical whirring sound. There was a cult of Cacus, the fire breathing giant, drilling on the island. We snuck back to the ship and filled in the rest of our group.

Out plan was to distract the harpies while our big fighters, Manestes and Taemon, went on ahead to the site where the cultists were drilling for Titanite. Virgil and I helped to destroy the harpies instruments, and Xander leaped up to them and fought them off. I tried to help her leap back down, but well, I’m not built like a fighter, and it didn’t go so well. I am now tasked with carrying Xander’s shield to build up my strength. I hope that means she intends to teach me to fight.

Teamon and Manestes had managed to surprise the cultists, who swallowed some foul potion that let them breathe fire. We found a flaming mess in the swamp around our allies. The others continued the fight, and I hurried toward the enemy in charge, and charmed him into being my best friend. It was easy to get rid of them after that, though I am a bit afraid at how easy it was for my brother to wound and then drown them all in the swamp. The others are all veterans or the war, or followers of Hades, but Taemon had never been so violent before.

We grabbed as much Titanite as we could, and hurried off the island before the sea hag that lived in the cave on the island discovered what we had done. Overall a fine adventure, though nothing worthy of song. I do hope to some day become a great enough hero, like Xander, and have my name be in a poem.

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Ancient (Dungeon) World – world building and character creation

I am currently on a hiatus from running games. We have Extra Life and two conventions coming up this month, plus nanowrimo. So I won’t have much time to plan out the running of a game. Thankfully, I have lots of friends who run awesome games.

Our Sunday night D&D game ended so fantastically well. The Iron Sorcerer, my character through Storm King’s Thunder, did not bring down the world, or get the party killed. She made the right choice at the end, and it seemed that everyone in the party found a fitting end to their character’s tale.

But we wanted to continue gaming with this crew. They are fun and creative and generally cool all around. And our GM was eager to try a longer campaign using Dungeon World, a system that many of us hold dear. But we thought we would enjoy a dfiferent setting, something other than the typical fantasy world we had just been playing in. So we did what we have come to learn is the most awesome way to start a campaign. We played Microscope to build our own setting.

For anyone who has never played Microscope, you are missing out. It is a fantastic way to create a history and world. Even if you don’t intend to play in it as we do, the experience itself is loads of fun. We have also played Kingdom, by the same creators, which is more about large organizations moving through a world, and feels a bit more role play like that Microscope. But both are fantastic.

Our world for this next campaign, which I’m callling Ancient World until we get a better name, is based in Greek mythology. We began with the idea that the Olympians are dead, but the demigods they gave birth to are still around and powerful. They were driven to Atlantis by the group that killed the gods, the Nicheans. Another group that sprang up in their absense was the Prometheans, who make fantastic mechanical creations. Atlantis sank when the last remaining Titan, a kraken, dragged it into the sea, killing itself in the process. After many years of turmoil, during which it was discovered that there were still artefacts from the gods that held magical powers, Atlantis was rediscovered.

That is the time our heroes are in, and are going to work together as one of many teams exploring into the rediscovered Atlantis for artefacts of the gods. Of course, each of us as our own personal motives as well.

I don’t know all the details about the other players characters yet, but I will outline mine here, and give you the rest when we meet for our first gaming session. We used the companion book Class Warfare to build our characters, rather than using the base playbooks found in Dungeon World.

Acacia Kypris

Class Warfare Choices: Magician

  • Arcane Ritualist
  • Enchanter (or Vancian Caster)
  • Spellsinger

Acacia is the younger sister of Taemon and Cathius. (Taemon is another player character) She has the blood of the muses, and as such can create magic through art. She is also very moody, moved by which ever muse happens to be upon her at the moment. Their older brother Cathius was arrested and accused of treason when their city state was taken over by another. They fled, apart from their parents, to Acropolis. Acacia met another of the player characters there, as she found a place in the temple of Dionysus. She is determined to find an artefact of power on Atlantis that will help her gain influence politically so she can go home and help retake her city and free Cathius. She is a little worried for Taemon, who has become a bounty hunter and fighter, since he seems bent on freeing their brother through violence.

Our GM is away on a cruise (lucky dog), but I will continue to post about our game once he returns.