I think I’m finally getting a sense of the beginning of the big story here. But first, some new favorite episodes.

One is Ivanova mourning the death of her father (TKO). The other plot is neat, sort of an alien fight club. But still grieving for the loss of my father a year ago, this one hit me in the feels. It was beautifully done, especially as Ivanova is a no longer practicing Jew, and it is a visit from a Rabbi that is an old family friend that triggers the mourning.

In Grail, David Warner plays a very interesting character, a person actually on the search for the Holy Grail. I love how this show continues things from earth into the future that I would not have thought of continuing. The Minbari honor this gent greatly, and he really does act like a chivalrous knight of the round table.

But I think my favorite, and the best promise of things to come, is from Signs and Portents, which introduces a mysterious character who keeps asking the major players on the station what they really want. And manages to fulfill some of those desires. Also, there are some big things going on behind the scenes with the raiders, and Sinclair, the tough but fair commander of the station (with the sexiest voice ever!) was chosen to be commander, not because Earth thought he would be good for the job, but because the Minbari requested it. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes.