Babylon 5 came out in 1994, about the same time as my favorite sci-fi show, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Which is probably why I haven’t seen much of it. I have always heard great things about it from friends with similar tastes, so now that it is available on Amazon Prime, I’m finally watching it. I will try to post my thoughts as I go.

My first reaction was – wow, I remember how terrible CGI used to be. The space scenes and ship graphics aren’t that great. Certainly not as good as Star Trek was by that time. The aliens were colorful, though, as was the setting inside the station, so I stayed interested.

The story, though, the idea, is pretty cool. The last space station dedicated to keeping peace between various alien cultures, along with strong, moral leaders who really want to see that happen, and a fun somewhat snarky sense of humor is a combination I enjoy. I like the space travel through warp points kind of thing, something different than the warp drive or hysperspace from other shows and movies.

But the thing I like most? Well, actually a few things. Telepaths – telepaths being treated the way humans really would treat them – as dangerous beings that need to be controlled, registered, and watched for their whole lives. The other thing, was the first officer. Through the whole first episode she is straigh laced, hard, competant and respected in her position. But at the end they show her relaxing at the bar, with her hair down, looking beautiful. And no one thinks anything of it. Usually someone would comment on one side or the other, but the fact that this lady can be both and not get teased or hit on or have her authority questioned is awesome.

Having the fighter pilot introduce aliens to Duck Rogers was just sugar on top of a good first episode. Can’t wait to delve into the series even more.