Poetic Justice: Langston Hughes

“Soul” is used to describe jazz music if the 20’s and 30’s, but it also fits the melodic poetry of Langston Hughes.

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Concept Albums: Third Reich Rush? ft. 2112
Alt-right Rush?? Say it isn't so! Before "progressive" was a political label, the band Rush were "prog" rockers: composing symphonies
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Southern Gothic & Flannery O’Connor ft. “A Good Man is Hard to Find”
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More Than Thor ft. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
What if history had a three-act structure? For Vikings, the gods enacted the biggest blockbuster of all, with frost giants,
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On Brand: Mortal Engines a.k.a. Steampunk Star Wars
The furnace burns, smoke billows, and Peter Jackson's mega machine gobbles up a YA series, just to spit it back
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Retconning Reality (ft. Life of Pi)
Perception is everything: in romance, in religion, and in storytelling. Pi Patel's love story was a middle grade game changer,
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Penny Arcade Primer & PAX Unplugged Preview
The basics of Penny Arcade and what we are looking forward to at the PAX in our hometown!
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