Titan Academy: The rest of the story

Sadly I began blogging about this great adventure far to late in playing it to really keep up with things. I can’t continue to do justice to each episode that we played. I’m going to do my best to sum up the ending of this game for those who were following it. My next game, which will be Star Trek: Adventures, I will try to blog as we go, so as not to lose hold of the story.

Ryan was overjoyed to be reunited with his mother, who he had never believed was dead all this time. The group heads over to Ryan’s house to surprise his father, and there is a tearful and happy reunion-for Ryan. Some of the others in the group are still having troubles, and after trying to kiss and being rejected by Liv, Hiro heads out into the city.

While out, an attack beings on the Spire, the headquarters of Aegis. The attackers: Dryad, Becky, and Nexus, friends and trusted teachers from their school. The team eventually meets up to figure out what’s going on, and which side they need to be on. Aegis is up in arms and ready to go full on war against the attacking supers, so the team split up, some to keep Aegis busy, and others to find out why the supers are attacking Aegis. It turns out they are being controlled by extradimensional beings, that Hiro quickly builds a device to detect. Aether creates a bubble around the supers that knocks the beings off, and returns them to their right minds.

In the aftermath, some of the Aegis agents recognize Liv, referring to her as 12, even though she has only ever known herself as 9. They are met by Alcazar, the new president of Aegis, who offers to have a meeting with them. And the gang takes him up on it. In the meeting they find out that Alcazar is hoping to win them and the public over with more humane treatment of supers, and a more open policy. He has released all Level 5 supers that were not criminal, and removed the brain stem controls from the telelpaths. He shows them Firefly as an example. But to Hiro and Liv it is too little too late. Even when Alcazar offers them all the files they have on Project Oblivion and Chimera. The group argues together whether they should be going after Chimera, or bringing down what is left of Aegis.

They decide their first target will be one of the Chimera stronghold/prisons that remain, one of those Aegis hasn’t gotten to cleaning up yet. There they find several supers imprisoned, and in the middle, Carbine, a former Aegis agent, attached to a strange machine. She manages to use the machine to put Takar to sleep, but Liv soon beats her down. Carbine escapes, but not before Liv realizes this is the sort of place where she grew up, inside a Level 5 prison cell. There she finally meets 12, and they fight, almost completely evenly matched. Takar finally recovers and helps Liv defeat 12. A voice tells 12 that she has failed, and that 9 has passed.

Happy with their success in freeing the supers, and having Ryan’s mother back, and having Liv and Hiro become like family, the gang gets ready to attend the event of the year. Titan Academy is reopening its doors, their principle Stewart is marrying Rydel the local Aegis patrol woman, and the city is welcoming back the newly freed supers. All of this will be held in the new Titan Academy gym. Everyone in the city will be there, guarded by Aegis, city officials and supers. Becky and Ryan take charge of the refreshments, and Becky is a bit crazy about it. The others all start finding dates, Liv with Dryad, Takar with the Fates, and Hiro with Hopper. While at the party, a strange song comes over the speakers, and Liv gets a feeling of dread as he hears the words that they discovered activates her. A fight breaks out, many flee, but it is soon discovered that Alcazar’s daughter has been kidnapped.

Takar and the other level 5s get together, and head off with the group, led by Ryan’s dad, to find Dr. Quintessence and bring him to the bridge, as Chimera is demanding. When they arrive they realize they are missing Hiro. They head into the abandoned warehouse to find Dr. Quintessence in an Aether bubble being attacked by those same interdimensional beings, now known as Howlers, riding Aether caterpillers. They rescue Ryan’s grandfather, and emerge from the warehouse to see the city ablaze, and Cosmic Bond arriving to let them know they have to go stop Hiro before this happens. Wait, did he say before? Before the kids can ask any questions, Cosmic Bond rewinds time, helps them save Dr. Q, and they all head over to stop Hiro together.

It turns out that Hiro has been brainwashed as well, in the same way Liv was, by Project Winter, another division of Chimera. They commanded him to come to the bridge warehouse to help them prepare the Sentinal robots to receive their Howler masters. It turns out that though the Howlers like to feed off the energy of supers, and ride along on humans, it is much easier for them to take over a robot body. The Howlers, as explaned by the Dread Queen, are her people, stuck in another dimension alongside Earth, and ready to take over. Hiro is the only one able to hack into the robots and help them build the portal that will bring them into the robots.

All the supers band together in one massive strike against the Chimera team. But just as it seems they are winning, HIro’s old robot, the one that used to house his brother’s memories, arrives. He still is Hiro’s brother, he claims, but so much more, now also the Dread Queen’s brother. He thanks Hiro for providing a body for him, and tries to talk him into joining him in taking over the world. Hiro was ready to die in this fight against his brother, even though is whole family, even his ellusive mother Jishaku, and her long imprisoned brother Atomic Shadow, and his other mother Friction show up to assist him. Hiro uses his moment of truth, reverses the portal to the other dimension, and succeeds in getting rid of all the Howlers, and destroys Count Zero, and all that is left of his brother.

Everything isn’t perfect at the end, but its better than most expected to be. There are a lot of touching moments, as people find new or old loves, new family, and new strengths.

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Titan Academy – Episode 8: Unforgetable

Last time our heroes narrowly averted a riot in front of city hall surrounding the vote on a bill that would require the open registration of all supers. We rejoin them now, dealing with the changes this is causing throughout Halcyon City.

Hello Halcyon City, this is Anna Fresh, coming to you on WHCY the Voice of Halcyon with your daily dose of Fresh Air. The city council has decided that the most recent version of the super registration bill was put together too quickly without enough consideration, so it has been sent back to committee. Also, Blake Harrison has been replaced as the head of AEGIS. The new director, Xavier Alcazar, a former marine, is promising big changes to the way AEGIS is handled, now that they have rooted out all of the Chimera agents. Or so they say. Call in and give your opinion.

So the team got together and decided that they needed to choose what issue to deal with first. Takar and Hiro were very set on making AEGIS pay for their foolishness in allowing Chimera to infiltrate their ranks. Ryan and Liv wanted to focus more on Chimera itself. They managed to convince the others that they should deal with Chimera first since they were the ones actually causing the problems. So they decided to get in touch with whoever was in charge at Catalyst, by talking with the Lost Boys.

The Lost Boys arrange the meeting – and the team ends up outside an old abandoned train station, waiting to be let in. Once inside, they see several Lost Boys hanging out, some working in the impressive labs and offices in the station, and are led to a large plush office. No one is surprised when Cosmic Bond himself joins them there. He explains that he has been working to bring down Chimera for some time, but had been unable to break them out of AEGIS, and that he had not been sure he could trust our heroes. After all, one was the grandson of Dr. Quintessence, who had worked on much of the Chimera project, one was interning with AEGIS, and one, he said, motioning to Liv, was a Chimera project herself.

He knows now, however, after talking with the Lost Boys and others, that they can be trusted. As he talks, Crystal appears and comes to take his hand. She looks happy, and healthy, and is excited to see Liv and the others again. She lets them know how well they have been taking care of her, and reveals to Liv that she too has similar nightmares of the Sorroweater and a metal room. They let Crystal head out of the office, and then face Cosmic Bond again.

“I have a favor to ask of you,” he says, looking over them all. “And I am more than willing to give you anything you need, find a way to help Takar control his abilities, give Liv as much information about Project Oblivion as I am able, even help get Aether’s mother out from where she is trapped, if you are willing to help me contact my daughter, and make sure she has not been compromised by Chimera.”

This statement brought up a million questions from our heroes. First, who was his daughter? Omega is Cosmic Bond’s daughter by Rivet. Next, how does he know about Ryan/Aether’s mother? How does he know they can get her out? Cosmic Bod explains that strange things happen when you combine his powers with the Aether powers of Ryan’s family. Their paths crossed several times over the years, but the final time was an attack against Chimera. Unfortunately, through a mixture of Cosmic Bond’s and Dr. Quintessance’s and Dark Matter’s powers, Ryan’s mother was sent to a dimension on the other side of Aether space. Cosmic Bond has located her, but is unable to get to her alone.

Hiro speaks up before any of the others are able, and says they will do what he wants, but they are going to get Ryan’s mother back right now. The rest of the team is very surprised, but Cosmic Bond agrees, and they get to work.

Hiro directs the building of a large device that will help stabilize whatever pathway Cosmic Bond and Aether are able to make into the Aether space. Volt charges it up, and a tunnel forms through the grey cloud that they remember from their last trip into this plane. They walk through the tunnel, Aether doing his best to keep the currents from attracting any more of the massive centipedes that dwell here, and they reach the other side.

The tunnel opens onto a large black space that as far as they can tell goes on forever. There doesn’t even seem to be anything for them to be walking on. Ahead of them they see a massive bubble, something Aether remembers from his youth. There was a time when he was in danger, and his father placed a similar bubble around him, for protection. Inside the bubble, his mother is standing in front of an infinite array of chalkboards that stretch back into the darkness, working on calculations.

“Mom!” Aether knocks on the bubble, and she turns, releived to see him, and waves happily. But then a worried look crosses her face.

“If you’re here to get me out we have to hurry, before he gets back.”

“Before who gets back?”

“The alien,” she says simply. Between Aether and Liv, they crack through the bubble and squeeze the mother out, just as the alien comes into view, a tall, white/gray creature with claws and hollow eyes. As they get back to the tunnel, they notice it is growing smaller. Liv and Volt stay behind to fight off the alien and any centipedes following, and Volt is bitten by one of the creatures as he is escaping. Hiro rushes them all through, himself only making it out as he ejects himself from his mech suit, launching out of the tunnel as it collapses behind them.

They find Cosmic Bond exhausted and dying on the ground as they emerge. Aether reaches deep into his powers and calls up a load of healing energies that brings Cosmic Bond back to life. The others begin to care for their wounds as well, as Ryan and his mother rejoice at being back together. But Hiro goes off by himself, as his mech suit, and all that remained of his brother’s memories, are reduced to a pile of bolts in the Aether space.

Join us next time on Titan Academy to find out what our heroes find out about Omega, and how they welcom back Mrs. Manett.

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Titan Academy – Episode 7: Issues

This week on Titan Academy, our heroes are reeling after the chaotic events at the game. Their school and hideout in ruins, they are forced to continue classes at IMU (the Institute for the Morphologically Unique). Each of them has had to face questioning from the Halcyon government as well as the few AEGIS agents still in commission. AEGIS itself is under investigation after the discovery of Chimera agents in their midst.

Hiro is still interning at AEGIS, and throwing himself into his work, making his grades plummet and his friendships suffer. Takar, as the now amazing popular Volt, is spending even more time with Omega who refuses to give up on AEGIS yet, and is participating in multiple public relations campaigns alongside the hero. Aether is being questioned about their hideout, though only with his father present who insists they can leave the moment he gets uncomfortable. Oblivion is only approached by Firefly, who again offers to enter her mind and help her retrieve her memories, but only because she has to.

Taking classes at IMU isn’t so bad. They have already found friends with the Guild, a group of young supers including Dragonborn, Dryad, the Fates, and Owlbear. While at school they discover that the Supers Registration bill has passed from committee and is before the city council for a vote. The students organize a march on city hall, and invite our heroes to participate. After the events at the big game, however, neither Oblivion or Volt are talking to Aether.

So Hiro has to find Aether to see if he will join the protest. Not wanting to be outdone, Oblivion and Takar end up racing to Ryan as well, and there is a quick pile up in the hall. Eventually they all agree to go to the protest.

The protest is in full swing, with supers and there supporters and normies separated by a long string of dividers and police. Omega is making an impassioned speech in front of city hall, begging everyone to stay calm. Even if the vote is to go forward with the law, there are ways to deal with it legally and peacefully. But the kids can feel the tension rising.

The crowd starts to move, and someone gets bumped the wrong way, and one of the dividers goes down between the sides. Rather than let anyone get hurt, the heroes jump into action. Liv tries to keep the divider from hurting anyone, but some people in the crowd end up getting tossed up into the air rather than kept on their side. Aether steps in and creates an aether current that they slide down to safety.

Once all eyes are on him, he delivers an inspiring speech, reminding everyone that really supers, normies, they are all the same and all citizens of Halcyon city, and they shouldn’t need a registration for those who are different. They just need to get to know each other, learn that they can be trusted, and move forward together.

Slowly, people from both sides begin to pair off and head off together, peacefully and happily. Aether becomes big news, and his father is insanely proud of him when he arrives home. Unfortunately, he also learns the rest of the truth about his grandfather.

Rosie’s Diary

3 Dec 59

We had our first death today. I don’t know if I can stay here much longer.

30 Mar 60

I found what I thought were Q’s records, but they can’t be. I know for a fact most of these are incorrect. Has he been lying to AEGIS? But why would he be under reporting his success? I’m going to keep digging.

24 Nov 60

Not much to report on Q. To be honest, I haven’t been thinking about him much at all lately. CB and I when to dinner last night, our first official date. It’s all I can do to not be distracted at work. It seems things have not been going well for him either. I can’t say that being a woman among military scientists is quite so bad as being a colored man among white Americans, especially since I have been able to convince quite a few of the Joes that I can hold my own in a fight. But it is nice to have someone to commiserate with.

25 Jan 62

I finally found Q’s other reports. It took a good deal of digging, and more than a few close calls, but I found them. Apparently he’s found a way to encrypt them in Jeeves. It’s even worse than I thought, reels and reels of failed trials, and more related to where we find out volunteers. I couldn’t even look at him at the meeting today, but I’ll have to be careful. I don’t want anyone to suspect until we know for certain what’s going on.

15 Sept 63

I confronted Q today. He denied nothing. He knew. He knew there were children being subjected to testing against their will in every division of Chimera. Subjected to gamma radiation, to genetic alterations, interfering with brain waves, muscle functions, making them fight in some bloody testing chamber. He tried to explain why what we were doing was good, that we were going to be protecting people from dangerous supers. None of that excuses this horror. I’m going to meet up with CB and talk options. This has to end.

3 Nov 63

Tonight’s the night. We’re taking 3 and 4 and we’re hooking it. We cannot be part of this project anymore. I don’t care how many excuses Q makes, he’s barmy. CB and I will meet at the back entrance when the guard’s changing. Between the two of us I’m sure we’ll have no problem getting away.

And I think its time, once we have gotten away, I will tell CB about the baby. But not just yet. There’s no telling what we may have to do to escape, and I don’t want him fussing over me.

Titan Academy – Episode 6: There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back Pt. 2

We left off before with Titan Academy breaking down in chaos as the Mecharobots began destroying sections of the school, Ryan/Aether taking the young child Crystal/Wither into their secret hideout under the school, Takar/Volt and Liv/Oblivion standing ready to fight off the invaders, and Hiro stuck in an out of control mech. *takes a breath* Are you ready to jump back in?

Volt and Oblivion stand together in the hallway of the school, facing down someone they watched chasing Crystal. As he comes closer, they realize that it’s a somewhat familiar face . . . a face they had seen hanging in a portrait somewhere in the school’s halls. It’s Infrared, and he’s shaking his head in disappointment.

“You kids have no idea what’s going on here. I suggest you stay out of the way, before someone gets hurt,” Infrared says, his hands starting to glow slightly.

“I suggest you back off,” Liv answers. “Or you’re right, someone will get hurt.” There is tense silence for a moment, as the kids face off with a revered alumni of their school, when suddenly the lights go out. Volt tries to bring the lights back up, and manages to provide light, but the darkness is . . . still surrounding them. Before they can pinpoint what created the mysterious shadow around them, a bolt of heat pours out of the dark and pounds Volt in the stomach, knocking him back and heating him painfully. Liv strikes out into the shadow to throw Infrared off from his attack, but in the darkness she isn’t able to do much.

Volt begins to charge then, pulling power into himself and getting ready to take out their attackers – and decided to use his Moment of Truth! For the Nova player, that means he becomes his power, and there is nothing that can stop him. Volt’s entire body became lighting, and he fired through both of their attackers, throwing them through several walls of the school.

Meanwhile, outside in the mecharobot arena, Hiro hacked his way out of this mech (hacking as in breaking through the controls that had been taken over and powering down) and hurried over to the mech that Hopper was in, prying his way into her mech as well. But rather than a grateful welcome, Hopper begins yelling at him, and pushing him away.

“No, no you’re ruining it! No one is going to get hurt! We need to finish the objective!”

Hiro freezes for a moment, a look of horror and disappointment on his face, as he realizes Hopper has been working with the enemy! He still pulls her from the mech, and carries her to safety, but abandons her there, and hurries off in search of his real friends.

Below the school, in the bunker hideout, rather than phasing into the familiar metal gray walls and musty smell, instead Ryan and Crystal find themselves by a beautiful lake, with a small cabin beside them. Crystal thinks it’s amazing, but Ryan recognizes it right away as an old favorite vacation home of his family’s, back when his mother was still with them.

Crystal goes running into the cabin, and Ryan hurries after her to find both his father and mother sitting at the table.

“What is all this?” Ryan says, angry at whoever is pulling this prank. “Why are you doing this?”

“I thought it would be less jarring for you this way,” the person masquerading as his father says. “Come have a seat, relax.”

“No, this stops now.” Ryan makes sure Crystal is safe beside him. “I don’t want your illusions.”

The cabin and lake melt away to reveal the bunker, and a rather eccentric character, a colorfully suited character, with brown rabbit ears popping from his garish top hat. He explains that he is part of Catalyst, a group that has been trying to find Crystal in order to keep her out of Chimera’s hands. But they are running out of time. Chimera is coming, they know about the bunker under the school, and they will not play as nicely as Catalyst has been. As he talks Liv and Hiro arrive, and starts to listen to the plea of this March Hare. Liv knows that the Lost Boys have also been taken in by Catalyst, and are being very well cared for, much better off than when they had been left on the street.

“Why didn’t you just explain to us who you were, rather than sneaking in and trying to fight us?” Hiro demans, still stinging from his recent betrayal.

“We weren’t sure if you could be trusted. Chimera has a wide reach,” the March Hare explains. “Hurry, we’re running out of time. Let me take her now.” The team decides to allow Crystal to go along with Catalyst. As the team emerges from their hideout, they see Volt fighting alongside Omega, tearing through a crowd of Chimera agents and black helicopters. Chaos is everwhere, and a large part of the sports complex and Titan Academy itself is in ruins. Just as they make it out of the school building, their hideout explodes, taking the library with it. They try to sneak past the press gathered outside the school, but Aether is too recognizable, and they are caught on camera in somewhat shady position. Volt, however, is now a darling of Halcyon City, and is considered Omega’s new sidekick.

Join us again next week for more adventures of Titan Academy.

Titan Academy – Episode 6: There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back Pt. 1

Hello Halcyon City, this is Anna Fresh, coming to you on WHCY the Voice of Halcyon bring you your daily dose of Fresh Air. I hope you have all had a good Gamma Day. Seems like the worst is over, and things are getting back to normal. Was this anyone’s first time Hulking out? Any old veterans have tips with how to deal with the hunger and fatigue that follows? Taking your calls now.

[I forgot a small portion of last week’s session, so I’m adding that in here]

After our heroes escaped the giant centipedes of the Aether Space, they went to visit one of the golden age heroes whose minds they had just visited. No one really wanted to have anything to do with Aether’s grandfather, Dr. Quintessence. He seemed that he had been involved in Chimera in all the worst ways. But Rivet, aka Rose Hamilton, was also still alive and in Halcyon City.

When Oblivion, Aether and Volt visited her home, they were surprised that their school principal, Jemma Stuart, answered the door.

“Can I help you?” she asked, in her prim Brittish accent.

“We were looking for Rose? Rivet?”

“My mother? Well, certainly, come on in. Mother, we have visitors.”

Jemma was a bit confused, but Rose seemed delighted that they were there, and quickly asked Jemma to step out and get the proper cream for their tea. While the principle was gone, the team asked Rivet several questions . . . but when they tried to get her talk about what she had been working on for Chimera, she was unable to speak. Not out of fear, but literally unable to talk. The best she could do was to jot down a long series of letters and give them to Oblivion, along with a very sad “I’m sorry.” Jemma returned before they could talk about anything more.

[OK, back to this session]

While Oblivion, Aether and Volt were stuck visiting the past, and the Aether plane, and their principal, Hiro had been stuck in an AEGIS office on the first day of his internship. He met the local director, Stradivarius, and was given limited access to the computer system, and was asked to work on some basic programming. While there, he was able to start scanning for data deeper in their systems, as well as get a basic idea of the security passes needed to reach other parts of the building. All while impressing the director, and chatting more with Hopper, the mysterious girl with the mechanical exoskeleton they met while helping the Lost Boys escape from Chimera.

Once Hulk Days had passed, it was time for the big Joust game and Mecharobotics tournament at Titan Academy. Ryan (Aether) was Jr. Varsity Captain, and Hiro was a major part of the school’s team. The team met together Saturday morning and caught Hiro up on the strange goings on.

The game of joust has been a long favorite of Halcyon City, ever since the founding of the two main high schools for super powered youth, Titan Academy, and the Institute for the Morphologically Unique (IMU). The game takes place on a large field, with two very tall poles at either end. One team member stays on top of the pole, while the rest of the opposing team tries to knock them down. Titan Academy’s only real competitor in this game, is IMU, which is populated by the more inhuman supers in the area. Their games are always a good show, which is why Ryan gets to be part of the starting team. It was a close match, with both teams scoring early, and the IMU team hitting hard with their lizard man and other larger than life players. But Titan Academy managed to pull ahead in the end and win!

While Takar and Liv cheered him on, Hiro headed down to the Mecharobotics meet, in another part of the stadium attached to Titan Academy.

The Mecharobotics meet was a multi-school affair. Nexus, the last member of our previous campaign was the IMU team’s sponsor.

Nexus – Transformed, human/nanite hybrid

Not only was IMU visiting, but teams from the normals high schools as well. Hopper was part of one of these teams. She and Hiro chatted a bit about the mechs, before Hopper had to wheel herself over to her team. Then she, Hiro, and the other students got into their mechs to prepare for the competition.

Hopper in her chair, recharging her exoskeleton.

The mecharobots begin pounding on each other, with one getting scorched out of commission almost right away. Hiro steers his to slam another to the ground . . . when something goes wrong. All of the students lose control of the mechs, and the shielding around the arena goes down. All of the mechs begin heading towards the stands. The audience clears out in a moment, but the mechs go crazy destroying parts of the school.

Just as the trouble started, before most of the team could get down to the mech arena, Liv received a message from Crystal (aka Wither) that she was in the school and in trouble. Liv, Takar and Ryan head down to look for her. They get a message to Hiro, but he chooses to stay behind and save Hopper from her mech.

The others find Crystal in the hall, scared and upset. Ryan phases with her into their secret hideout, as Liv and Takar prepare to do what they do best, defend against the pursuing villains.

I’m splitting this session into two parts. There was a lot going on. I will post the rest tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Titan Academy – Episode 5: Slide

NOTE: We were down a player for this session. So we invented a bottle episode. And it gets a little . . . weird. You’ve been warned. Also, just as a reminder, Takar = Volt the Nova, Liv = Oblivion the Bull, and Ryan = Aether the Legacy grandson of Dr. Quintessence.

“Good morning Halcyon City, this is Anna Fresh coming to you from WHCY the Voice of Halcyon bring you your daily dose of Fresh Air. Everyone stay safe out there. I only just made it to the station this morning before the Gamma Storm hit the city. If you don’t have to go out, stay put, and let AEGIS and the Halcyon City Police take care of anyone who might be hulking out today. Stay home, stay safe.”

Takar, Liv and Ryan were all caught in their hideout when the Gamma storms hit Halcyon City. Hiro had been offered an internship at AEGIS, and was stuck in their main office for the day. So the three in the bunker decided to go exploring a little more.

They quickly discovered the base’s recreational area, including a full bar, an old jukebox, and a lot of old liquor. A few glasses of alcohol later, and they even decided to put on some of the old clothes they had found in the private rooms down the hall. Liv went to turn on the jukebox, and something changed.

When she turned around, she wasn’t herself. She could see her reflection in the mirror behind the bar. She was . . . she was Rivet, a famed golden age super. And the other guys, they weren’t Ryan and Takar any more. They were Dr. Quintessence and Cosmic Bond. They looked younger than Liv remembered, but it was them.

Liv, inside Rivet’s head, was more of a passenger, watching but not affecting what was going on. Rivet and Cosmic Bond (CB) were just having a drink together, talking about the stress of the day at their new jobs. Dr. Q was berating them for relaxing when they should have been working.

Suddenly Liv was back in her own mind, and the others were staring at her oddly.

“Are you all right?” Takar asked. “Can you hear me?”

“Yah, yah I’m fine.” But things were still odd. The lights from the jukebox, and the lights in the hall, were an eerie green tint. And their reflections were not their reflections . . . instead it was still the golden age heroes. But only CB was looking back at them.

“Who are you?” CB asked, looking as confused as the others. They began asking him questions about Chimera, about the experiments they had been hearing about. “Wait, you mean they are still working on those? I need to shut them down!” And just as suddenly he was gone, and things were normal.

Spooked, the heroes ran out into the hallway, only to find a trail of strange lights. It led them to an old conference room, with a large shiny table, a chalk board, and some recording equipment. This time Takar turned on the equipment, and this time, all three of them slipped into the minds of the golden age heroes.

They were discussing Chimera, discussion all of the programs. It seems that at least one was getting closed down, Gamma, but the others were still in progress. They listened as Dr. Q threw the others under the bus for the failure of some of the programs. Then again they were back in their seats in the conference room, with the reflections of the golden age heroes in the table.

“I’ve tried to shut them down, but it’s not working. Oh, and you’re going to have to get out of here,” CB told them.

“Get out of here? Why?” Ryan asked, looking down at the table.

“Things get strange when I use my powers around your family,” he answered, just as the walls around them shuddered. “Get back upstairs. Now!”

The reflections disappeared, just as the wall beside them bulged as though something were trying to grab them through a membrane. They tried to bolt, but the thing followed them down the hallway, hallways that were now completely clear of rubble. Ryan, trying to help them get out faster, tried to phase them through some of the walls – and phased them into the aether space.

This is a gray world, full of swirling aether. And apparently giant centipedes. Thankfully none were very close at the moment, but Ryan could tell they were near, and were attracted to disturbances in the aether. Using his sense of this mysterious element, Ryan managed to lead the group to a drain of sorts, that should let them all back out into the real world. But the centipedes were attracted to this drain, and were huddled around it.

Not a problem for Liv, or Takar. A few well placed punches and lightning bolts later, the group spilled back out into the rec room they had started in, the same scratchy tunes still pouring out of the jukebox. But now there was a white envelope on the jukebox, with the name Rose written on it.

Join us next time to find out what Hiro has been up to during Hulk Days, as the Gamma Storm season is called, and how the heroes explain their crazy experience.

Rose (Rivet) Diary

4 Feb 58

Today was our second major failure. The third Gamma subject nearly died. We were so jazzed it had taken this time, I thought for sure we were making progress, but his heart just couldn’t take the stress. I’m not sure where they carted him off to, but it seems he will be subjected to a life of constant drugging to keep him calm. I can’t imagine we have an endless list of volunteers. How many more can we fail before they close us down? Of course, Q’s test subject is performing flawlessly. At least I have dinner with CB to look forward to.

19 Aug 59

The bloody bastard turned us in for fraternizing! What nonsense. He knows CB would never do anything to jeopardize his place here. Nor is there much chance he’s interested in me, since I don’t think he’s into muscle bound women. At least, I’ve never seen him with one. Always gracefully thin ladies for that dapper gent. All of its bunk anyway. He’s just jealous because I finally had a little success with Oblivion. That’s fine. I’ll show him two can play at this game.

Titan Academy – Episode 4: New Rules

As our heroes head into school, they realize that security seems much more intense. Not that any of security people are bothering the kids. They mostly seem to be screening or interviewing the faculty.

Oblivion checks in with Firefly, one of those who is screening the adults. She lets them know they are indeed telepathically checking to see if any other faculty members are hiding their true identities. Though Oblivion and the others managed to erase any video footage of their own involvement, they left the evidence of the teacher breaking up the classroom.

Before the crew has much time to think over the safety of their school, Oblivion receives an urgent emergency text message from the Lost Boys. They are in serious trouble. The gang takes off to help them.

They find the Lost Boys cornered in a parking lot by a great many agents in the not quite AEGIS uniforms. The group our heroes now know as Chimera are herding them from a group of black vans toward an open tractor trailer. The heroes pause to take stock of the situation, and make a plan.

Oblivion charged into the lot, picked up the large, open truck and hurled it at the agents. Most of them went scattering for cover among their vans. They also called for backup. Super powered back up. The team caught a sign of three signals approaching them quickly, and saw three figures in the air, two flying, and one being carried. As the team prepared for the incoming, some new players showed up.

There was a few streaks of color, and someone began pulling the Lost Boys out of the lot and away from the Chimera agents. But our heroes were too busy to think about it. As the supers approached, the one being carried dropped onto a nearby roof and began leaping toward the back of the lot, and the other two jumped straight into the battle.

Volt had chased the Chimera agents to their vans, and sent bolts of lighting through them, exploding the vans and the nearby electrical transformers, just before a Chimera robot plowed into him. Hiro, in his mech suit, jumps to Volt’s defense, trying to fight back against it, and gets slammed against the wall beside Volt. Volt reached up and grabbed hold of Hiro’s leg, and allowed his power to flow into him, making Hiro feel for the first time as though he had super powers as well. Now fully ‘juiced’ Hiro made short work of the robot, sending parts flying across the lot.

Meanwhile, Aether and Oblivion were dealing with the cat like man that pounced down on them and the Lost Boys from the roof. Though it tried to knock down Oblivion, Aether managed to slip it out of the way on currents of aether, allowing Obivion to throw it into a pile of bricks and trash. They began herding the kids along again, but noticed the speedster, who was helping them into strange portals that began appearing in random places.

Back in the parking lot, the third super, a sickly, green looking man, had hold of two of the Lost Boys, who looked like they too were growing ill and getting faint. After having taken down the robot, this was no big problem for Hiro. The speedster helped get the kids away, and Hiro drove the blight into the ground. As he stood there appreciate his work, a girl landed beside him, staring at his mech suit, before gushing out a load of questions about how it works and how he dealt with issues of balance and [insert physics language here].

Before Hiro could respond, she got a message in her ear comm, and lets the team know that this parking lot is about to be ground zero, since all the Lost Boys have been gotten to safety, so they have thirty seconds to get out. Then she jumped straight into the air about thirty feet and disappeared into another strange portal – just as she sent a message to Hiro’s display that simply said HOPPER, and gave a number for a site on the deep web where they could get in touch. Hiro had never heard of Hopper as a super, but had heard of her as a hacker.

Just as they all get away from the lot, a vortex opens in the sky, someone descends out of the vortex, and then it seems as if the world folds in on itself. Suddenly, rather than a parking lot, there is a space of empty dirt, and a large cement block in the center.

They find out shortly that the Chimera agents are fine, just trapped inside a large cement box. AEGIS comes and gets them out using a jackhammer. The team lets Omega know about the existence of Chimera. She’s never heard of anything like it, but she promises she will look into things.

By this time the team had also begun to translate the coded journal they had found in the depths of their bunker base. These are the first two entries:

8 July 55

I can’t believe I’ve made it! Such an honor to be accepted into AEGIS, and the advanced research division at that! The accommodations are a bit . . . underwhelming. But I can understand the need for security. Besides, sharing a bunker with a bunch of Yankee lookers. There’s a few among the Joes who are more than smashing, and there are other supers here! I’m not sure what to make of Q yet, but CB is a perfect gentleman. This is going to be so much fun.

12 July 55

Well Q’s a right wazzock. I’m glad I began with writing this journal in code. He had the gall to walk through the wall into my room. Of course I threw him right back out through the same wall. I will never forget the look on his face! Serves him right. I hope they have him sleeping in the bunks while they repair the wall. CB, on the other hand, escorted me to the cafeteria, and we were able to collaborate on our plans for some projects.

Join us next week to see what happens to our heroes next!

Titan Academy – Episode 3: Wild Thoughts

[We open on Takar and Ryan phasing through the walls and into their secret base. As soon as he is able Takar shoves Ryan away.]

“What was that about? I had them!” Takar yelled, sparks still flying off him.

“Exactly, what was that about? You could have killed someone!” Ryan shouted back, pushing into Takar’s face. “You can’t just fly off the handle like that!” The argument continued until Liv and Hiro were able to get into the hideout. They do see that they have received an answer from Jeeves, but only glance at the answer, that the logo belongs to Chimera, and a list of projects codenames: Winter, Gamma, Level 5, Oblivion. Takar stalked off with Liv back to their dorms, and Ryan and Hiro stayed at the base for a while, working on Ryan’s campaign for student council before heading home.

The next day at school, each of them had something to deal with. Ryan was tied down with working on his student council campaign, and getting ready for the upcoming big game. Hiro was getting teased by Becky Luna, but was also focussed on the upcoming Mecharobotics meet.

Takar was confronted in his mentoring class with Omega, the popular super who works for AEGIS and mentors the higher level, more likely to be dangerous kids, at Titan Academy. Her abilities allow her to change the material structure of her own body, so if one of the students loses control, she is able to take a beating without being harmed. She was a major super in the 70s, as well as a civil rights activist.

She lets Takar know that there are very few supers in the city who are able to knock out a city block, and she knows where the other ones were the night before. Takar tells her the truth . . . or most of it. She lets him know that she has been working hard with him to keep him from getting placed into Level 5 when he turns eighteen. Takar has not heard much about Level 5. No one has really, other than when supers commit criminal acts, they are sent to the Level 5 prison in the AEGIS Spire.

Oblivion is forced to go to one of her counseling sessions. The usual school counsellor is there, but she lets Liv know that she is being offered another counsellor. A slightly strange looking woman comes in with an armed guard. The guard takes a spot by the door, and Amelia/Firefly begins to explain why she’s there.


This is the second appearance of a character from our previous game of masks, my character Firefly (Outsider, alien bug princess). Jishaku (Reformed, Japanese Magneto’s daughter) and Alice/Friction (Janus, big sister friction powers) are Hiro’s parents, and show up on occasion through the story.

She, like all those with telepathic powers, is under Level 5, which means she is fitted with a device on the back of her neck that will disable her briefly if she is ever perceived to be out of control of her powers, or performing anything illegal. She offers to enter Oblivion’s mind and help her remember her past. Oblivion declines, but they do have a fun discussion about Firefly’s home planet.

Later, the players compared their day in their hideout below the school. Takar was a bit worried by the revelation of how much Level 5 is able to do, and that he was being threatened with it. As they talk, they realize that the paper with the answers from Jeeves has disappeared. After a careful analysis of the video footage from Hiro’s security cameras, they learn that though there was a PTA meeting at the school the night before, the only person that could have taken the paper was the same math teacher that was poking around the library before.

Liv and Hiro head to the teacher’s classroom, Hiro careful to hack into the school’s security cameras so they are not seen, and Liv using her tactical athletic skills to avoid setting off any alarms. There they find the paper – and a whole lot more. Apparently the teacher had been taking notes on several of the students and their movements, especially Liv. As they move to take the papers, the shadows in the corner of the room begin to move, and hear a voice say, “Those don’t belong to you.”

Suddenly, Hiro found himself seated at a dining room table with his family. With his whole family, including his dead brother. They are all happy and eating as though nothing strange is going on. Liv has a brief moment where she is walking across a grassy field in the summer. She shakes herself out of the illusion, and throws a desk at the teacher. He is knocked back into the smart board, which crashes to the ground. Rather than face the super strong and angry Liv, the teacher crashes through the window, vowing that the kids don’t know what they are interfering with, and that they will regret their choice.

Join us again next Saturday for the next installment!

Titan Academy – Episode 2: Castle on the Hill pt. 2

[We start with a broad shot of Halcyon City, and slowly zero in on a private home, swarming with police and cordoned off with yellow crime scene tape.]

Hello Halcyon City. This is Anna Fresh, coming to you from WHCY, the Voice of Halcyon with your daily dose of Fresh Air. It’s a sad day, Halcyon City. The Kingfisher has left us, found dead this morning in his own home. There are so many questions, but please, for me Halcyon, lets not use this as an excuse to point fingers, or step onto political platforms. Today I want to hear you remember this great hero. Taking your calls now.

Our intrepid heroes hoped to look into the death of Kingfisher, but they found the house crawling with police and AEGIS agents. So instead they settled on a plan to draw out and discover more about the false AEGIS group harassing the Lost Boys.

They regrouped back in their hideout, the secret bunker underneath their school building, to discuss matters. While there, they picked up something odd on their (not so great) security cameras that watched the entrance to their base in the school library. One of their teachers, their math professor, was poking around the library shelves, taking out and reshelving books. Aether, being the more well known of the group, went up to talk to and deflect the teacher’s attentions.

Once that threat was turned away, they travelled to the not so savory parts of town, and Hiro and Oblivion volunteered to act as bait for the “AEGIS” agents. They waltzed casually into a Subway on the corner, and were soon being harassed by three bulky men in familiar uniforms. Hiro kept his cool, and made a few snarky comments at the pushy thugs, but it quickly came to blows, and the “agents” claimed they then had a right to take Hiro in. They started carrying him out of the Subway, but Oblivion, who had decided Hiro was her current love (a status which gives special benefits to the Bull Playbook in Masks, as does rival) objected. Strongly.

She took her Subway tray and chucked it into the stomach of one of the thugs, knocking him back into the counter, and then followed the others to the door to keep them from getting away with Hiro. She managed a powerful strike at them, and sent the thugs running to their getaway car.

Aether and Volt (Ryan and Takar) were outside keeping an eye on things. When they noticed the struggle inside the Subway, Volt found the nearest junction box, and fried the electricity for the building the Subway was in. He overshot his powers, however, and as soon as the thugs began to try and drive away, Volt blasted himself into the air, and landed on the hood of their car, lighting literally flashing in his eyes.


He was enjoying striking terror in the hearts of the thugs. But Aether, who had been raised to superhero responsibly, slid across the street on an aetheric current, grabbed Volt, and flew off with him.

Join us again next week for the continuing adventures at Titan Academy

Titan Academy – Episode 1: Castle on the Hill pt. 1

Find out more about our PC characters here.

[Overhead scenes of the shining tall buildings of Halcyon City glide by. A simple radio jingle starts.]

Good morning, Halcyon City, this is Anna Fresh coming to you over the air waves of WHCY, the Voice of Halcyon. Welcome to Fresh Air, the show that lets you air your grievances, your opinions, or your dirty laundry. So, Halcyon, here is your breath of fresh air. Today’s topic, the recent string of security breaches in several key information hubs across the city. Surefax, SuperShield, and GlobalSearch, all supposed leaders in information security, have been hacked. Now, I know what some of you are going to say, who can expect any corporation to be completely secure against the rising tide of supers with techno powers. Sure, but these companies had full assurances from AEGIS that they would be protected from normie and super hackers alike. Is AEGIS slipping? Or, consider this, AEGIS kept significant amounts of their own data at these companies. Are they the real target? We’re taking your calls now.

[The camera descends to focus on the gate to Titan Academy, and a few students hurry to the main auditorium. The camera follows them inside. We see several hundred students seated there, as Headmistress Jemma Stuart comes up to the podium. Behind her a semicircle of the faculty sits below a large fresco of Halcyon City being defended by the Big Three: Rivet, Dr. Quintessence, and Cosmic Bond.]

Titan Academy – Hero Sub Numine Viget

[Jemma Stuart begins in a prim English accent.]

Good Morning students. Just a few announcements before we go over today’s mindfulness lesson. Student body elections are approaching. Please be prepared to cast your votes this Friday. There will be one representative from each class, and a president chosen. Here are the nominees. For the Freshman class, Lilith Blackwell and Edward Noir; for the sophomore class, Becky Luna and Ryan Minett, for the Junior class, June Chee and Rosa Espada, and for the Senior class, Sam Snicht and Brad Li. The candidates for class president are Jack Diamonte, Juan Pettirrojo, and Julia Rossi. Campaigning has been quite rigorous, and I am anxious to see who wins.

[Jemma looks distracted suddenly, and calls another faculty member to continue the announcements, as she heads off stage to meet an AEGIS agent, and leave the auditorium.]

The four main characters, Takar, Liv, Ryan and Hiro, had obligations at school this first session, but they mostly blew them off. Liv had an appointment with the school counsellor but decided to ditch it. The counsellor is a normie with a bleeding heart for suffering super youth, and though most of the students think she’s nice, they also consider her not very helpful. Ryan had Joust practice (Joust is a super sport involving knocking the opposing team’s scorer off a large pole) but was more concerned with the upcoming election.

Instead, they all headed down to their secret hideout, an old, bunker style, super hero lair that they discovered beneath the school building. There they started to plan the campaign for Ryan to become the student council member, and beat out “basic Becky”, the ultra popular magic cheerleader that was running against him. Liv got a text from the Lost Boys, asking her to come help them out with something. Liv and Hiro decide to go help them out, while Takar and Ryan explore more of the hideout.

Liv and Hiro found the Lost Boys under a highway overpass, buzzing around a new arrival. They had found a young girl in ratty clothes, dirty and afraid, and couldn’t get her to speak. They appealed to Liv to try and get her to talk. Thanks to Liv’s pocketed cookies and Hiro’s quick pizza ordering skills, they coaxed the girl into telling them her name was Crystal. They also got her to demonstrate her super power: she can disintegrate anything she touches. Hiro quickly makes a pair of gloves for her that will block her power, but become fingerless when she wishes to use it, and Liv gets her a nicer coat. Just as they are about to leave, the Lost Boys go into a frenzy – they are under attack! Hiro and Liv send a message to the rest of their team and head into the fray.

Meanwhile, back at the base . . .

Using Ryan’s phasing powers, he and Takar phase through the rubble blocking the doors that lead further into their underground hideout. They discovered three well appointed bedrooms that had not been touched since the early 60s, along with an old diary in code, and one of Ryan’s grandfather’s ties. Past these rooms they found a hallway leading to many rooms of bunkbeds, and eventually, an abandoned biology lab. Ryan had to head home for an awkward dinner with his father, while Takar explored a bit farther. That’s when they received the message from Liv and Hiro.

We join our heroes in the middle of battle . . .

Liv and Hiro found that the Lost Boys were being menaced by a group of AEGIS agents, who had a few of the boys cornered in an alley way. They made quick work of the agents. Hiro used one of his many gadgets to phase away part of a large 7 Eleven sign, and Liv with her super strength knocked one of the guards unconscious. The Lost Boys took care of the other agent and their friends were safe. Before running off to the sound of police sirens, they also managed to grab a patch from one of the agent’s uniforms.

Back at their hideout, they tried to figure out why AEGIS would be harrying a few low powered super street kids. Mostly that agency did its best to protect people from powerful super villains. They fed the logo of the patch, something similar to the familiar AEGIS logo but with a half dragon half human face rather than the usual wolf, into Jeeves, to see if it would return anything useful. By this time, it was almost Takar and Liv’s curfew to be back in the dorms, and the others needed to be back home.

Stay turned for more adventures at Titan Academy!