Iron Sorcerer – Episode 4: Craven

They didn’t get very far the first day out. There were only a few hours left of daylight, and Kelvin insisted on stopping at a particular spot, somewhere protected by overhanging rocks, to avoid being seen by any patrols. They didn’t speak much. Each fell into a role as they made camp. Kelvin started setting […]

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Burrito Challenge
First sketch for the Burrito Challenge
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Iron Sorcerer – Episode 3: Trading Off
Locasta did not protest helping the strange camp move quickly away from the site of the roc attack. She didn’t
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Character Sketches – Elen and Morion
So we’re playing 13th Age, and I have the privilege of playing with people who enjoy exploring different types of
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The Iron Sorcerer – Episode 2: The Camp
Join Locasta and Trax as they find the camp of people who raided the giant's temple.
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The Iron Sorcerer – Episode 1: The Temple of Kaylus
The giant was half asleep when Locasta and Trax found him. He was leaning against a hillside, a spot that
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gargantua kraken
Gargantua Sketches
Here are the images I have been working on for my upcoming serial story, Iron Sorcerer. The Giant was donated
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