This isn’t what I expected: Babylon 5 (ep 16-33)

There are some interesting turns in the second season.

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Not Sensing an Arc (Babylon 5, s 1, ep 2-6)
I am enjoying watching Babylon 5. It reminds me of a time when sci-fi was a lot less grim dark,
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Titan Academy – Episode 8: Unforgetable
This week our heroes finally meet the mysterious head of Catalyst.
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Marvelous Realism neé Magical (ft. MARVELS and A.D.)
Next episode is up – what is magical realism, and can things like graphic novels be considered part of the
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Finally Watching: Babylon 5 (ep. 1)
I'm finally watching Babylon 5 - and there were some things I wasn't expecting.
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Does Outrage Culture Bug You? (ft. Ant-Man and the Wasp)
Listen here! Can films have agendas, or is everyone overreacting? Also, a guest! Writer / editor Will Ford-Conway (@wafcstudios) gives
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Death’s Gambit – September 1, 2018
Watch us on Twitch as Jon and I tempt death in Death’s Gambit! Dun dun duuuun! Death’s Gambit is a
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