Titan Punk Session 2

This week our group returned to the mainland with our haul of Titanite from our brief visit to the edge of Atlantis.

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SCA Plans and Useful Pictures – Year for Astronomy
So mostly this is an update, and a looking forward to 2016 post. Here are a few images of the
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Astrology in Medieval Manuscripts
http://www.amazon.com/Astrology-Medieval-Manuscripts-Sophie-Page/dp/0802085113 I picked this book up mostly because of the pretty pictures. But there really is a wealth of knowledge
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Appointment as Court Astronomer
So, I have been officially named the court astronomer for the Baron and Baroness of Bhakail. I was given a
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Friday Night Vampires
My friends and I have begun playing Vampire: the Masquerade at my place on Friday nights. It’s a very creepy,
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Star Trek: Attack Wing – bad for my budget
So, my newest game obsession is Star Trek: Attack Wing. Besides being a great nod to a good many things
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TV is back!
There were several new shows this season that I was excited about, but the one I’m going to talk most
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