PAX Unplugged – Nov 30 – Dec 2

This year I will be running some RPGs for Magpie Games, the company that brought you MASKS and Bluebeard’s Bride, among others. I love this company and what it’s up to, and I can’t wait to visit Pax Unplugged. I didn’t make it to the premier last year. PAX Unplugged will be an exciting analog-focused […]

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Paper Astrolabe – Primary Sources
I love astrolabes. I have already made two (though I lost the first one) and own a beautiful brass one
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The Wild Evolution of Klingons
So you have probably seen the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer. If not, got ahead and watch it, and then
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How to Make an Astrolabe in 1502
I think I’m going to be looking at this site quite a bit soon. I had not yet found a full
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Commedia dell’Arte a la Antonio Fava
Last week I had the distinct privilege of being part of a class intense workshop taught by Antonio Fava, whose
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