So I’ve been making an attempt to learn more coding and programming. I have completed a short course on CSS, which was much easier than I expected. So I moved on to JavaScript, hopeful and excited that I would learn that quickly as well.

And then I remembered that my brain doesn’t do logic very well. So this one is not going quit so quickly. But I am still working, and I cooked up a little project as practice.

So I present the Baconian Cipher Generator. This page will either code a message for you, or decode a message that you receive if it follows the rules of a cipher created by Sir Francis Bacon in 1605. It’s not a complicated code, but it did have two steps, and it took me a little while to get it working. But there it is.

Hopefully I will finish that class soon and move on to WordPress, since that seems to be another very marketable skill to have.

As a side note, it seems that there are thoughts that the Voynich manuscript uses a similar cipher. Check out the discussion here.